The Production


The firm’s legacy is represented by a total of 40 hectares, of which 20 hectares are cultivated for olives for the production of Oil DOP and 20 hectares designated to vineyards. Furthermore the activity of transformation includes another 35 hectares of vineyard belonging to the people who bring their grapes to the Firm, but under strict surveillance by the Firm.

The vineyards are cultivated with the most painstaking agronomical techniques. They have a strategic location characterized by a very good hill exposure terraced on the sea, warmed by a mild and moderate climate for many months during the year.

The tendrils that characterize our production are represented by the natives Gaglioppo, Magliocco, Black Greco, white Malvasia, White Greco, Pecorello and Sangiovese, and by the international tendrils Sauvignon blanc and Traminer.

Knowing that only the direct control of all the productive processes assures the global quality that is at the origin of all great wines, the Firm has decided to increase the value of its products, wine and oil, completing the productive cycles with direct and controlled transformation.

The production plants are in line with the modern requirements with the objective to produce a high quality product.

To realize its ambitious goals, the Firm utilizes qualified consultancy from the sectors of Scientific University and Research.

The processing of grapes is done in the Firm’s cellar that originates on a surface area of 2900 mq of which 600 are entirely underground at a depth of 10.0 m. These places contain the barrels in oak and casks.